Tom K’nipper

Tom K’nipper is the Industry Solutions Director for Consumer Goods and Life Sciences. Tom brings more than 25 years of Technology and Value Chain experience to his role where he focuses on customer success, strategy, leadership, and delivering innovative solutions to Inspirage’s many Consumer Goods and Life Sciences customers.

Prior to joining Inspirage, Mr. K’nipper spent more than 10 years with Oracle and another 4 years as an industry CIO. Tom has lived in both North America and Europe while working in 21 countries on a variety of engagements with global leaders at Pepsi, Coca Cola, Kraft, P&G, Hormel, Land O’ Lakes, Darigold, Cargill, Bayer, Mattel, HP, IBM, Abercrombie, Finish Line, Wendy’s, Sonic and many others.

Mr. K’nipper did his undergraduate studies in Agriculture & Business at Iowa State and his graduate work in Computer Science at the University of Texas.

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