Why Work at Inspirage

Inspirage-3059Inspirage is a premier full-service consulting firm specializing in Oracle supply chain applications. We help our customers choose, integrate and implement the Oracle solutions they need in order to create more value in their supply chains and remain competitive in a continually changing, constantly shrinking global environment.

A career at Inspirage can offer employees the opportunity to develop a level of expertise that they couldn’t anywhere else. Our focus on Oracle technologies is just the tip of the iceberg. A career in supply chain management is more than just looking at a screen and punching in datasets. It’s about caring about the how, why, where and what of the business. How to manage the innovation and commercialization of a new product? How to build an integrated business plan with the entire integrated supply chain in mind? Why is demand for a certain product fluctuating? Where do our resources come from, and where should the final product be shipped? These are all important questions, and our goal is to help our clients develop and implement key strategies to get the right answers.

Here at Inspirage, we want to help you develop your career. We actively foster a collaborative global team structure based on respect and trust. In this kind of environment, our team members are encouraged to grow in their roles and continue learning about the supply chain and the industries we serve – leading them to become better innovators on behalf of our customers.

Superstars of the Industry

When you work at Inspirage, you’re not just a consultant. You’re joining an experienced global team of the most highly respected supply chain consultants in the industry, with whom you can collaborate on a daily basis. In many firms, the supply chain consultant is on the fringe of their core business (or often subcontractor), but at Inspirage you are considered the best of the best.

Our employees—they are all employees, we never sub-contract—have an average of 10 years implementation experience (mostly working with Oracle applications). Even our leaders all come from a background in this field, and have built strong relationships with Oracle so we can stay ahead of changes in our industry and the needs of our customers.

We achieve this unmatched level of experience because we invest in finding and keeping the best talent in our field. Inspirage is proud to be able to attract and retain the most talented and seasoned innovation management and supply chain management consultants in the industry. We don’t just know the supply chain; we’ve worked within these very fields, so we have an intimate knowledge of their challenges and how to address them.

As a testament to our tried-and-true services and great customer interactions, 97% of our previous clients would recommend us to others for help with supply chain challenges, and a lot of this is thanks to our team of committed experts.

  • Experience

    Our team members have an average of 10+ years of implementation experience in their respective fields. Our annual turnover rate is more than a third lower than the industry average (8% vs. 12.5%). In addition, in a recent employee survey, 95% of employees agree that “Inspirage is focused on making customers successful.”

  • Culture

    All of our team members have the opportunity to be a part of a group of like-minded individuals working toward a common goal. Our transparent and open leadership team strives to support this kind of workplace culture.

  • Professional Growth

    We are the home of a wide range of superstars, all striving toward a common goal: helping our customers have the best experience with Oracle applications as possible. What’s more, we are all dedicated professionals in our respective industries. Through training and collaboration with other thought leaders on client sites, our consultants are continually developing new skills and expertise.

  • Innovation

    We help global companies overcome complicated supply chain issues. Our employees continually are coming up with creative solutions to our clients’ most difficult supply chain problems. We’re thought leaders and challenge-takers, and we’re looking for someone to undertake these projects with us.

  • Leadership

    Our leadership team is committed to making Inspirage a great place to work and they are always open to hearing more ways to make this happen. Having been consultants themselves, they know the challenges of the job and they are committed to providing tools and resources to help equip team members with the tools they need to be successful.

To learn more about our culture, please check out the videos on our interactive “10 Years of Supply Chain Innovation” timeline.

Employee Testimonials

"Inspirage is an organization of integrity with an outstanding reputation in the industry. I enjoy my work and this has been a truly positive experience, both personally and professionally."

"I'm grateful to have the opportunity to be associated with leading practitioners in our market. Inspirage attracts top-shelf personnel, which provide unique approaches to driving excellent customer retention."

"What's the most exciting part of my job? The ability to work with such a strong management team with an undeniable overall vision for success."

"Inspirage is unique in terms of providing an entrepreneurial environment, where you see the direct impact of your efforts."

"Why do I work for Inspirage? The people, the challenges and the opportunity."

"Inspirage is a true leader in the industry and I am proud to call this my career home."

"I excel in challenging work environments with exposure to different industries and Inspirage provides just that."

"I am proud to work for a true leader in the space. It's a bonus to have the opportunity to share this with motivated, professional and like-minded peers."

"Inspirage provides the opportunity to have a direct impact on client success."

"When the going gets tough, I can rely on my Inspirage team members to help out as much as possible. I truly believe that the Inspirage Management team cares about the long-term welfare of employees."

"Inspirage provides exposure to unique opportunities, including the latest and greatest technologies."

"I would describe my peers as individuals with personal work ethic and shared desire to excel and succeed. This shared drive inspires me to aim for success."

Join the Team

Do you think you would be a good fit for the Inspirage team? We're always looking for talented people ready to grow with us and enrich their careers. Check out our current openings below and get in touch today if you think you'd be a great fit.

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