For many companies, finance is leading their digital transformation. Integrating finance data across the enterprise to garner a holistic view of the organization is now, more than ever, necessary to ensure business growth. In today’s world, many finance professionals are overwhelmed with data and do not know where to turn next.

As a result, finance teams spend more time than they can afford trying to satisfy requirements related to cash flow, accounts receivable, account reconciliation, expenses, and compliance. The need for a combination of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM), and related supply chain solutions has never been greater. Together, they enable finance teams to minimize manual data-gathering tasks, streamline operations, integrate key business functions, and focus on proactive and intentional financial planning across the enterprise to ensure the success of their business.

Regardless of a company’s industry or size, the top issues facing the finance office today include managing and retaining customers, planning for unforeseen circumstances, adopting fast-changing technologies, and managing the vast amounts of data available at your fingertips. But this is not the time to be overwhelmed by challenges or the idea of bringing your finance operations to the cloud. Instead, it is time to embrace innovative solutions for the long-standing business pain points that have historically inhibited success.

Inspirage Delivers

Inspirage is focused exclusively on implementing Oracle solutions. That is all we do, and we have been leading the pack for 15 years and counting. The Inspirage Finance team comprises seasoned EPM and ERP consultants with significant working knowledge of Oracle applications and implementations. We understand that “good enough” is not acceptable for statutory reporting. We also understand the most important KPIs in your industry and the forces behind the trends. Our consultants are certified in the most recent Oracle products in recognition of their solid functional experience and proficiency in the latest technical knowledge. No matter where you are, Inspirage’s global workforce brings deep domain experience to the job and adds value by addressing the unique local needs of customers worldwide.

At Inspirage, we help our customers achieve the digital transformation that will optimize their Finance team’s abilities while strengthening the connection between Finance and Operations to drive better organizational decisions. In short, we are uniquely positioned to serve as your CFO office’s dedicated strategic partner during your transformative journey to the cloud. By helping you get the most from Oracle ERP, EPM, and SCM implementations, we ensure the proper focus and direction for the entire organization.

You’re in Good Company

The need for a combination of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM), and related global finance solutions has never been greater. Together, they enable finance teams to minimize manual data-gathering tasks and focus instead on ensuring the success of their business. Our Customer Spotlights offer insightful examples of these principles at work. Learn more:

Customer Spotlight: Beverage Distributor
Alcoholic Beverages Distributor Cheers Its New and Improved Oracle EPBCS Implementation
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Customer Spotlight: Aluminum Manufacturer
Oracle Cloud EPM Streamlines Aluminum Manufacturer’s Tedious Account Reconciliation Process
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Customer Spotlight: Mortgage Originator
Mortgage Originator Achieves More Productivity, Accuracy, and Flexibility with Oracle Cloud EPM
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When you’re ready to revolutionize your business
by digitally transforming your global finance operations,
Inspirage is your trusted partner for an efficient
and effortless transition to the Oracle Cloud.

We’ve Got You Covered

The change in paradigm enabled by replacing older technologies and processes with a cloud solution also opens the door to automation- and AI-powered operational models that require minimal user intervention. That, in turn, means your CFO office can evolve from driving not just financial change but end-to-end organizational transformation where key areas of operation serve as growth drivers for the company. In the years ahead, AI and machine learning will revolutionize almost every financial process, from credit decisions to quantitative trading, fraud detection, governance risk, and more. Process automation, which involves machine learning to automate repetitive tasks and increase productivity, will further enhance efficiency.

While the specific challenges may vary from company to company, one solution for overcoming them is in a league of its own. Oracle Cloud financial software — including Oracle Cloud EPM and ERP Financials — are agile and resilient solutions that provide easy access to advanced analytics, making it possible to gain unprecedented insights about your customers, products, and distribution channels and the overall effectiveness of your financial services initiatives. Solutions that address your concerns today while equipping you with the ability to address challenges and disruptions that may arise in the future.

IPBX in Action
Align Finance and Operations with Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX)
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Scenario Modeling in Action
Ensure business sustainability and financial agility during unexpected market disruption with Oracle EPM Planning Cloud
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FCC in Action
Ensure a Confident Close Supporting Every Reporting Demand
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As the pandemic highlighted, your financial forecasts are only as good as your data and product availability. Inspirage can transform your demand management, financial planning, financial consolidations, and other ERP needs (GL, AP, AR, etc.) into a functional unit that works seamlessly and removes most of your recurring manual processes. This lets you focus on analytics, reporting, and strategic management instead of chasing and reconciling data from various sources – and positions your business for lasting success.

Learn More About Oracle Cloud Financial Applications

Accounting Hub
Reporting and Analytics
Payables and Assets
Revenue Management
Expense Management
Accounting Hub
Create a single source of financial truth that your corporate accounting and fp&a teams can rely on

• Harmonized accounting data
• Trusted financial information
• Rich financial business partnering
• Powerful accounting engine

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Reporting and Analytics
Get timely answers with fast reports that are generated from pre-aggregated financial data

• Valuable decision support
• Real-time close status
• Comprehensive financial reports hub

Learn More
Payables and Assets
Process invoices and payments for multiple business units based on transaction and business unit security rules permission

• Automated invoice processing
• Intelligent supplier payments
• Global transaction taxes
• Comprehensive cash management

Learn More
Revenue Management
Combine various sales cycle source-system data into a single accounting contract based on configurable rules

• Automate performance obligation creation
• Determine transaction prices
• Allocate the transaction price
• Timely revenue recognition

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Quickly generate invoices and credit memos for subscription, product, and project sales

• Collate enterprise data from contributing applications 
• Efficient billing 
• Self-service customer activities 
• Streamlined customer payments

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Track whether customers pay by the committed date, manage disputes, and resolve delinquent accounts

• High-risk accounts management
• Effective collection strategies
• Late payments management
• Assess receivables health

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Expense Management
Enforce expense policies with automated compliance checks against policies, tailored approvals, and selective audits

• Fast expenses matching
• Flexible mobile expenses entry
• Tight project and travel integration

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Learn More About Oracle Cloud EPM Applications

Profitability and Cost Management
Financial Consolidation and Close
Account Reconciliation
Tax Reporting
Narrative Reporting
Enterprise Data Management
Align your planning across the organization and develop agile and accurate forecasts for all business verticals, allowing you to respond more effectively to any change or disruptions your organization faces

• Solve simple to complex planning use cases across numerous industries
• Generate accurate and agile plans
• Employ powerful annotations, commentary, document attachments, tasks, workflow, and reporting capabilities to collaborate your planning in real-time
• Process complex calculations for large volumes of data
• Build, deploy, and manage business planning activities for any size organization
• Easily integrate ERP data

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Profitability and Cost Management
To maximize your profitability, an organization must be able to accurately measure, manage and allocate costs and revenue

• Manage and drive profitability
• Efficiently model profitability by segment
• Model complex costing of shared services
• Utilize data stored in both multidimensional databases and relational databases

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Financial Consolidation and Close
Optimize your financial close and adapt to changing requirements and regulations so you can report with acumen you trust

• Automatically manage key performance indicators across your organization
• Maintain compliancy through auditing, segregation of duties and transparent calculations
• Utilize GAAP guided applications with complete currency support, equity eliminations, intercompany eliminations, adjustments, and detailed data source tracking
• Manage your close process by monitoring and accessing all tasks in one location
• Easy reporting through custom built ‘canned’ reports and Smart View

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Account Reconciliation
Through automation, simplify and modernize your account reconciliation processes while thoroughly addressing risk and effectively managing your organization’s global account reconciliation systems

• Gain real-time visibility into the performance of reconciliations
• Ensure all reconciliations are properly qualified
• Improve efficiency by automating specific reconciliation tasks
• Ensure security and risk is managed effectively
• Confidently reduce how often you reconcile without fear of inaccuracy or risk
• Reduce the time of your financial close

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Tax Reporting
By aligning your tax reporting with corporate finance reporting your company benefits from seamless transparency and robust compliance

• Integrate of data and metadata with source ERP and financial consolidation systems
• Boost control and governance through centralized workflow and task management
• Spend more time on analysis and planning instead of data reconciliation
• Unmatched transparency and auditability from consolidated tax disclosure down to source financial transactions
• Provide a framework for ongoing improvement of tax data collection and analysis processes

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Narrative Reporting
Satisfy internal and external reporting requirements using collaborative, narrative and regulatory reporting with interactive dashboards to ensure reports are accurate, complete and timely

• Visualize your data in an accurate, clear and easy to follow format
• Analyze consolidated financial data
• Speed up your close process by automating your monthly reports
• Deliver real-time data
• Allow your finance team to create and manage their own reports 
• Combine data and narrative
• Collaborate on reports while ensuring sensitive data is secure
• Trust that all data is reliable, accurate and easily accessible

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Enterprise Data Management
Oversee change and build a reliable and trustworthy system that aligns with all data across your business

• Align your enterprise applications and utilize one system for your enterprise data across all your business verticals
• Assimilate business transformation faster
• Simplify and automate views, viewpoints, and tasks
• Leverage collaborative workflows and build data maps
• Integrate with your planning, financial consolidations and close and other EPM applications
• Audit transaction history
• Use expressions for custom business logic

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