Customer Experience

The customer experience does not begin with a purchase. Nor does it end when payment is complete. From the moment that a customer recognizes your brand on social media or in online advertisements, hears about it through word of mouth, or views it on store shelves, the customer experience is underway. More a journey than a destination, a great customer experience is central to the success of your business. How you prioritize and address customer feedback will determine whether your business meets expectations or falls behind your competitors.

Any number of issues can derail the customer journey and, as a result, customer retention. Oracle’s connected suite of customer experience applications is the perfect solution for a personalized experience. They enable data-driven customer support and nurture lasting interactions with your buyers throughout the customer journey while establishing brand loyalty at each customer touchpoint.

Inspirage Delivers

Whether your business is seeking to implement just one Oracle CX solution or the complete suite, the Inspirage team has the application expertise to ensure a successful outcome. In addition, our pre-built customer experience and service logistics solutions help you streamline your end-to-end customer interaction and increase customer retention.

Inspirage is uniquely qualified to handle your Oracle Cloud CX implementation. Having worked across various industries, including high tech, oil and gas, manufacturing, consumer goods, and more, Inspirage’s seasoned Customer Experience leaders have encountered virtually every challenge that may face your business. Inspirage’s CX professionals cut to the root of an enterprise’s pain points, isolate what is working from what isn’t, solve the problems, and replace them with a centralized solution that delivers a seamless customer experience. Inspirage is truly a leader in the field of Oracle Cloud.

You’re in Good Company

Looking for more details about Inspirage’s customer experience successes? Check out our Customer Spotlights, highlighting how we have worked with clients to identify problems and implement transformational solutions.

Customer Spotlight: Semiconductor Test Equipment Manufacturer
Semiconductor Test Equipment Manufacturer Extends Multi-Year Digital Transformation with Oracle and Inspirage CX Solutions
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Customer Spotlight: Middle Eastern Auto Distributor
Automobile Distributor Moves to a Fully Integrated Cloud Solution
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Customer Spotlight: Housewares Producer
Leading Tabletop and Housewares Producer Moves from Agile PLM to Oracle Cloud PLM and CPQ
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When you’re ready to revolutionize your business
by digitally transforming your customer experience,
Inspirage is your trusted partner for an efficient
and effortless transition to the Oracle Cloud.

We’ve Got You Covered

Oracle Cloud CX features a comprehensive suite of applications that help you leverage data to unify, centralize, and merge the entire customer journey. Oracle CX is an all-inclusive solution that delivers customer insight and combines all the components of a compelling customer experience. Each application is outfitted with the cloud capabilities you need to master your customer experience, from customizing service engagements to automating configurations for sales teams and real-time pricing.

Oracle’s multichannel strategy offers your customers and your employees a linear experience that is consistent regardless of the touchpoint, be it via email, website, or mobile app. Service Logistics Cloud is the perfect choice for reverse logistics. It helps your business respond to customer feedback with actionable resolutions, including repairs, replacements, deploying field service technicians, or issuing a refund. And with Sales Cloud, capabilities like subscription management, sales automation, and partner relationship management provide your team with the tools they need to turn prospects into customers quickly and efficiently, thereby shortening the conversion cycle.

Learn more about the solutions Inspirage has developed to supercharge Oracle CX Cloud and maximize your customer experience platforms:

Business as a Service in Action
Providing continuous customer contact and integrating industry-specific Oracle solutions throughout your enterprise
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Depot Repair Management in Action
Streamline reverse logistics to cut costs and improve operational efficiency
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Integrated Quoting and Promising in Action
Check availability of products while supplying quotes in CPQ
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Learn More About Oracle Cloud CX Applications

Inspirage specializes in the following Customer Experience Cloud applications:

Service Cloud
Service Logistics Cloud
Sales Cloud
CPQ Cloud
Service Cloud

Connect, customize, and personalize your service engagements across any channel

• B2C Service: Deliver innovative and immediate customer service through the customer's preferred channels
• B2B Service: Promote visibility and collaboration between sales and customer service teams through the entire lead-to-renewal cycle
• Field Service: Improve field service management with a set of AI-powered tools for routing, scheduling, and managing service technicians
• Enterprise Service Management: Transform customer service delivery with one, unified platform

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Service Logistics Cloud

Capture, diagnose, and resolve the customer issues quickly and effectively

• Service Center: Provide fast and accurate answers to service issues with an omnichannel solution
• Field Service: Route, schedule, manage, dispatch, locate, and collaborate with mobile technicians
• Depot Repair: Execute estimates, repairs, and returns for your customer with complete visibility
• Part Logistics: Order, fulfill, and manage parts and trunk stock while also easily initiating returns
• Service Debrief: Review and adjust charges for parts, labor, and expenses incurred during service
• Capture Cost: Initiate customer billing and ensure service costs are properly captured, recorded, and analyzed

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Sales Cloud

Assist sellers with the tools needed to focus on the most valuable prospects at the right time

• Sales automation: Automate time-consuming data entry and task management
• Commerce: Build a premier e-commerce site, serve multiple e-commerce business models, and quickly generate online revenue
• Configure, Price, Quote: Maximize deal profitability with optimized pricing and discounting
• Subscription Management: Power growth and support recurring relationships
• Partner Relationship Management: Gain complete control of channel lifecycles

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CPQ Cloud

Master a step-by-step process of entering a correctly configured and fully detailed purchase order

• Automated configurations: Guided steps for sales teams and self-service tools for customers
• Real-time pricing: Intelligent pricing and discount information
• Convenient quoting: Proposals and quotes created in one click
• End-to-end integration: Unified data and integrations within existing CRM and ERP systems shortens the sales cycle and improves operations

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