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At Inspirage, we understand today’s business challenges: staying current on technologies and current innovations, expensive IT capital investments with minimal results, valuable time spent on systems vs. process improvements, and complex security and compliance issues to name a few. 

That’s why we invest heavily in R&D projects that will help our clients succeed. We are continually adding innovations to our in2® Library that will reduce risks, accelerate timelines, reduce costs, and move customers along their digital journeys. 

Inspirage Solutions on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

We understand that in today’s ever-changing business landscape, staying current on technologies and innovations – with expensive capital investments and uncertain results – is difficult for our customers. Valuable time spent on systems vs. process improvements and complex security and compliance is just a few of the issues we know you continue to face. That’s why Inspirage has developed PaaS and SaaS solutions that help our clients succeed. We are continually adding innovations to our IN2® Library, and to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, that will reduce risks, accelerate timelines, decrease costs and move customers along their digital journeys.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for Oracle Cloud customers seeking trusted business applications and service providers offering unique business solutions, including those that extend Oracle Cloud Applications. The Oracle Cloud delivers massive, non-variable performance and next-generation security across a comprehensive portfolio of services including SaaS, application development, application hosting, and business analytics. Customers get access to leading to compute, storage, data management, integration, security, HPC, artificial intelligence (AI), and Blockchain services to augment and modernize their critical workloads. Oracle Cloud runs Oracle Autonomous Database, the industry’s first and only self-driving database.

Below is a complete list of the solutions our team has developed that are available today on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Please check back as we are constantly adding to this list.

Inspirage iHub CS
iHub CS provides prebuilt integrations for Oracle Cloud and extensibility to connect any system

iHub CS is a cloud service solution providing a unified platform for end-to-end data and application integration and visibility. The iHub CS platform is designed to manage integrations across mixtures of on-prem and Cloud-based solutions, including big data, mobile, and IoT devices without the cost and complexities of traditional integration platforms. iHub CS unites not only the traditional on-prem solutions but is now available to support the latest Oracle offerings. iHub CS includes prebuilt integration solutions for Oracle Cloud WMS, OTM, Product Hub, and Planning solutions. iHub leverages EDI, XML, SOA, JSON, and other communication protocols to connect with Cloud and on-prem applications and data sources.

Enterprise Control Tower
Inspirage PaaS Solution powered by Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

A supply chain hub that provides enterprise visibility, decision-making, and execution based on near real-time analytics to improve business performance and manage supply chain risk. The Enterprise Control Tower is an integrated platform that connects functional silos and disparate systems to provide deeper insights, aid quicker decision making, and deliver actionable intelligence. The platform is source agnostic providing flexibility to connect to the cloud and hybrid environments. With at least two product updates a year, customers can take advantage of new capabilities and functionality on a regular basis. With quick time to value, it can be deployed in as little as 16 weeks.

Inspirage Integrated Logistics Management
Extend your transportation management system with this OTM Mobile App for Shippers/3PLs

The Inspirage Integrated Logistics Management (ILM) Mobile App adds new dimensions to enterprise supply chain solutions. The app on-boards more players in Logistics management for any OTM user and positively impacts logistics and business performance adding new dimensions to Oracle’s enterprise supply chain logistics solutions. Inspirage has designed the ILM app to enhance Oracle Transformation Management (OTM) Cloud specifically for asset-based 3PLs. The ILM application solves the challenge of delayed actions from the carrier – allowing for seamless integration across the OTM workflow and business processes. ILM works on most mobile devices leveraging native technologies and open source frameworks.

Inspirage Integration Dashboard
Real time tracking & analytical dashboard to monitor SaaS cloud Integrations with external systems

This extensible and scalable application empowers business users, providing real-time visibility of integration runs. With an intuitive UI, it helps to reconcile integration runs with source and target systems. With Inspirage’s Integration Dashboard customers can manage and monitor their integrations with external systems.

Automated Testing Framework
Easier, faster, and more reliable testing

Inspirage has developed an Automated Testing Framework that replaces manual testing by automating some of the repetitive, but necessary, tasks used in regression testing. It is essential in an agile environment, like those that are inherently part of cloud deployments, that organizations be able to quickly run tests on patches and updates. The framework does this by using a series of test scenarios to compare actual outcomes with predicted results. With the Automated Testing Framework from Inspirage, businesses can save time and resources that would normally be spent on inefficient, manual tasks.

Inspirage Supply Chain Intelligent Application (INSIA) Digital Assistant
Modernize the Oracle ERP/SCM user experience with instant answers to questions

The Inspirage Supply Chain Intelligent Application (INSIA) offers an intuitive one-stop source for information tailored to your organization’s needs. Using a natural conversational user interface, you can execute business transactions, query live business data, and seek guidance on Oracle ERP/SCM applications. INSIA features the ability to source accurate, real-time updates from Oracle SCM apps using natural language queries, completely doing away with the need to access the application for daily lookups.

Recipe Management
Develop, understand, control and launch your formulated products

The Inspirage Recipe Management Solution is built on Oracle PLM Cloud and is extended by incorporating industry knowledge to deliver an enterprise-scale solution to manage, understand and control this critical product data. The food, beverage, vitamin and other formulated packaged goods industries are seeing a rise in legislative requirements related to the management of nutrition, food safety, and product supply chains. This drives a requirement for deep and continuous management of these products in a holistic way.

Lean Manufacturing
Plan and schedule jobs on flow lines, automate mandatory shop floor transactions

Inspirage’s Lean Manufacturing Solution allows schedulers in the industrial manufacturing, high tech, and medical devices industries to quickly promise customer orders after rapidly checking line capacities. Resulting jobs from back-to-back order processes can be slotted on flow manufacturing lines while taking into consideration capacities and product scheduling constraints. Scheduled jobs can be revisited and overridden to cater to the changing needs of the end customers. By identifying completion at the end of the flow lines, schedulers can automatically finalize all moves, address issues, and backflush transactions. The final outcome is more material control on the shop floor, resulting in a pull manufacturing system that is much more efficient than the push system.

Spares & Reverse Logistics
Creating a robust reverse supply chain with comprehensive demand and supply planning capabilities and repair management processes.

Inspirage’s Spares & Reverse Logistics solution is a comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based solution enabling your organization to manage all your reverse supply chain processes. The solution is designed to accept service requests such as return order requests and scheduling of the execution of the service requests. Inventory management and planning for parts required to execute service requests can be effectively planned with this solution, resulting in a reduction of inventory buildup. An important component of the Spares & Reverse Logistics solution is the repairs planning and execution feature, which helps your organization manage the entire repair process including the pushing of updates to the accounting and inventory systems of Oracle’s ERP Cloud.

GOP Cloud Integration
Integrating cloud-based GOP with external Order Management systems

Users can seamlessly interact with GOP and provide product availability, rescheduling, and cancellation opportunities in a source system such as EBS Order Management. This solution provides real-time integration between Oracle EBS Order Management (or any other order entry systems like SAP, JDE, Siebel, etc.) with the GOP component of Oracle Order Management (OM) Cloud, giving real-time availability date to book a sales order. This solution can handle Standard, Assemble-To-Order (ATO), Make-To-Order (MTO), and Configure-To-Order (CTO) items. The solution also covers CTO implementations using Option Specific Sourcing (OSS).

Inspirage Multi-Channel CPFR
An end to end Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment solution for a multi-channel environment

Inspirage’s CPFR Solution quickly responds to supply and demand changes by capturing channel data from multiple sources to re-generate the replenishment plan with actions and exceptions. The solution addresses the capturing of the channel data through a robust integration framework that brings the data from multiple sources. The solution also addresses the allocation of constrained supplies to the retail locations. It provides automation based on business logic. When the supply is constrained, the planners are asked to provide the allocations manually. The solution brings valuable automation that is especially helpful because of the large number of items and retail locations that need to be managed in such scenarios. The typical CPFR process in the marketplace covers a large number of retail outlets owned by channel partners. Inspirage CPFR solution addresses the setup of new channel partners and provides a mapping of partner items to the customer’s own item master.

ILM Control Tower
Real-time transportation visibility for shippers and logistics companies

Inspirage’s Integrated Logistics Management Control Tower (ILMCT) application provides a command center view of enhanced transportation visibility of in-transit shipments. The ILMCT app is designed to provide companies with a unified convergence platform for managing their collaborative ecosystems. ILM CT provides a synchronized solution involving multiple host systems, transportation solutions, focused connectivity provider systems, carrier partners, and brokers.

Inspirage Trade Promotion and Settlement Management
One-stop solution to manage and maintain promotions, track promotion spending, analyze forecasts and manage deductions/payment requests

Inspirage’s Trade Promotion and Settlement Management solution can help executives create and manage trade budgets and funds, create promotion plans, track promotion executions, and measure promotion effectiveness. The solution enables businesses to manage and allocate trade funds to different product brands and customers. The solution also enables companies to create promotions, manage the key attributes linked to promotions (such as event start and end dates), off-invoice rates and scan rates, and promotion tactics. These promotions are integrated with Oracle Cloud Demand Management to generate the incremental forecast. The base and incremental forecast are then integrated back into the trade promotion solution for the spend calculations.

Inspirage Offer Management
One-stop solution to define, manage and seamlessly share the data of marketing offers

Inspirage’s Offer Management Solution is a comprehensive platform that can track offer lifecycle from ideation to end-of-life and seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud offerings like IM Cloud, PDH Cloud, and CPQ Cloud for end-to-end offer definition management. The Inspirage Offer Management Solution enables Marketing Managers and Sales Executives to create new marketing offers to meet the needs of customers in various industries and regions.

Inspirage Supplier Portal
One-stop solution to define, manage and seamlessly share the data of marketing offers

Today, product-based companies do not work in a vacuum. They are more and more reliant on their expanding universe of supply chain partners for high-quality product data and for participation in collaborative product launch and change processes. They must be ready to meet increasing regulatory requirements armed with a complete understanding of product data and provenance. The more robust the product definition, the more efficiency and quality an enterprise achieves in product management. This drives product visibility and transparency, aids in identifying duplicity and proliferation in parts, drives item and component re-use, and aids in volume spend among other business benefits. Identifying, gathering, and addressing data thoroughness and quality has historically been challenging outside of a company’s four walls. The Inspirage Supplier Portal provides a secure and scalable means of addressing these challenges.

Inspirage WMS-OTM Integration Using OIC
Easy to deploy and scale WMS-OTM integration with ERP Cloud

While OTM and WMS are linked via an out-of-the-box integration, there are areas where the integration can be enhanced. There are various use cases, such as managing customer requests for cancellations, holds, or damaged inventory, where there is a need for a pluggable solution that enables the two systems to communicate more seamlessly. Inspirage’s WMS-OTM Integration is a quick deploy WMS-OTM integration pack developed using OIC that can be used as a starting point for WMS-OTM projects. This is a scalable solution that contains integration processes covering regular operational tasks and a few often-encountered exceptions.

Inspirage Oracle IoT Production Monitoring and EBS Integration
Real-time visibility into Machine and Work Order data leveraging IoT predictive and Machine learning capabilities

Inspirage Oracle IoT Production Monitoring and EBS Integration solution extends Oracle IoT integration capabilities with Oracle EBS Manufacturing and eAM module. The integration allows existing EBS customers to leverage IoT Production Monitoring capabilities to gain real time visibility into factory, machine data, track work order operation quantities, work order statuses, leverage IoT predictive and machine learning capabilities.

Inspirage EU MDR Solution
Capture, manage, and submit regulatory and product data in support of the European Union’s new regulations for bringing medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics to market

Inspirage’s EU MDR solution, built on Oracle Cloud PDH, offers a purpose-driven platform to meet the EU’s MDR guidelines. This solution can be launched quickly and is designed to be compatible with US, EU, and future jurisdiction requirements. Inspirage’s EU MDR solution is integrated seamlessly into an organization’s product launch processes and includes the management of data enriched with UDI business rules. In addition, this solution can be integrated into the EU’s EUDAMED database using Oracle Cloud Product Management (current offering) and Inspirage Global Data Synchronization Network solution (coming soon).

Inspirage Data As A Service (DaaS)
Data Cleansing, Transformation, Translations, and Data Onboarding for Cloud ERP projects

Inspirage’s Data as a Service (DaaS) is a comprehensive, reusable framework developed to cleanse, onboard and maintain your data while you concentrate on your core business. This framework is based on the four pillars (1) Data Profiling, (2) Data Quality and Cleansing, (3) Data Governance and (4) Data Onboarding.

Inspirage Parcel Management
Enhance OTM capabilities for managing the transportation of spare parts

Inspirage’s Parcel Management solution works as a parcel aggregator that allows shippers to leverage a single platform for all transportation modes. It enables a single process in OTM that integrates with parcel shipment providers’ systems while providing end-to-end visibility from order through delivery.

Unsure about moving to the cloud due to gaps between your business requirements and Oracle’s offerings? It’s possible that we have already built a solution to bridge that gap.

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