Bob Hart

Bob Hart is the leader of our Logistics Management practice.

He has deep domain expertise starting with a dual bachelor’s degree in Transportation Distribution Management and Marketing from Syracuse University.  Bob has worked as a traffic manager for a domestic manufacturer and then later at an import/exporter.  Bob’s TMS software experience comes from starting as an entry level consultant at Weseley Software implementing a TMS solution called TRACS*.  Bob later grew to lead their overall TMS practice after Weseley Software was acquired by McHugh Software (now Red Prairie).

Bob joined G-Log a few months after its inception in 1999 to start their TMS consulting practice.  He grew that team up from scratch including have it double in size after G-Log was acquired by Oracle.  Bob left Oracle to launch the Logistics Management practice at Inspirage in 2013.

Bob lives in Connecticut with his wife and their twins.  He enjoys spending time with his family and hiking in his free time.

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