Inspirage On Air Episode 5: Data & Your Digital Transformation Journey

Expert insights and real-life examples of why data management is so critical

Few people today would argue against the benefits of migrating to the cloud to enable transformative end-to-end business innovation. Yet some people remain hesitant to take that step because they are unsure how to embrace opportunities and avoid pitfalls along the way. Listen to “Data & Your Digital Transformation Journey” — the latest episode of our Inspirage on Air podcast series — to hear our Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Team walk you through the experience.

Join Vikas Kirti, Inspirage Vice President, EDM, as he hosts a 10-minute conversation about the top challenges companies face when embarking on a journey to the cloud and the role effective data management plays in a successful digital transformation. He and Bhushan Jangla, Inspirage Associate Practice Director, EDM, also discuss data readiness, real-world examples of the importance of reliable data, Inspirage’s role in helping clients avoid missteps during their journey to the cloud, and the Oracle and Inspirage solutions that help organizations identify and achieve their data management goals.

“From the perspective of a cloud transformational journey, what are the foremost challenges you have seen around roadmapping and helping clients who are thinking about migrating from on-prem to the cloud?” Vikas asks.

Tune in now to hear Bhushan’s answer to that question — and more!

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